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Medical Flight – Conversion from Commercial Aircraft


Medical flight service providers take every opportunity that comes their way to increase their fleet size. However, it does not always mean that they purchase a new aircraft outright. Sometimes, they purchase a used commercial aircraft in good condition and convert it into a medical flight. The endeavor demands that certain modifications be undertaken so that the crew can effectively assist patients during medical flight missions. Often, these are long-haul flights. Effective use of existing space makes a lot of difference during such conversions. Of course, a lot of research goes into making this possible. Here are some of the factors that are usually considered.

Mounting Medical Flight Equipment on the Walls

The interiors of commercial aircraft are designed for an entirely different experience, and they vary hugely from a medical flight. Wall mounting of medical equipment has several advantages. For one, it precludes the need to move the equipment to get the patient in and out during missions. In turn, this helps to preserve the interiors of the medical flight. Also, the durable medical equipment lasts longer, contributing to overall cost reduction. It must be kept in mind that such modifications get regulatory approval and pose no threat to the comfort or safety of the crew and the patients.

Effective Storage Spaces

A medical flight may choose to have a storage area underneath it. This means that the goods loaded in such compartments cannot be accessed when flying. In order to ensure that all the required equipment is readily available, labeled shelves must be created within the aircraft. Such a design serves as a reminder and brings efficiency.

Also, seating arrangements must be modified such that the medical specialists get to pay close attention to the patient on board. Stretches, intravenous infusion apparatus, etc., must be factored in to make such a modification effective.

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