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Medical Flight Crash off Senegal Kills 7


It was only a few weeks ago that we witnessed a deadly medical flight crash that snuffed the life of the five- member crew, when the aircraft went down in the Tygerberg Nature Reserve, in the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa. This time it was a medical flight in Senegal in West Africa. The medical flight was carrying 7 people, all of whom lost their lives in the crash.


The Crew of the Unfortunate Medical Flight

The medical flight was carrying a French lady, whose identify has not been released. She was accompanied by 6 other people including two crew members from Algeria, a man from Congo, two nurses and a doctor from Senegal. The medical flight was headed towards Dakar from Burkina Faso. The aircraft had gone off the radar at 7 in the evening. The medical flight was 111 kilometers from the capital of Senegal.

Why did the Medical Flight Crash?

The medical flight belonged to a company from Senegal and was a twin-engine HS125 aircraft. It had crossed its path with a Boeing aircraft. Initially, it was suggested that the two aircrafts might have come in contact with each other midair. However, there was no confirmation about this report. The civil aviation authority, on its part, though, has not accepted or denied this theory, saying that the matter is being investigated. The Boeing belongs to Ceiba International Airlines and was originally headed to the capital of Cotonou but the route was later changed to Malabo.

There were also other reports that the medical flight had run out of fuel midair. This theory was reported by the country’s Futures Medias, which is a news group. The local media, however, went with the midair collision theory. Whatever the cause of the medical flight crash, the incident brings to light poor coordination of the aviation authorities. Only further investigation will reveal the real cause of the crash.

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