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Medical Flight for Pets


There are several options when it comes to medical flights for human beings. In fact, from the year 2022, people might not even have to pay anything out of their pockets, thanks to the new federal regulation that seeks to put an end to surprise billing practices.

What about pets? Of course, there are medical flights that are specific to some categories of pets, but they are not available to all. We are referring to the ones like the K-9 air ambulance services. However, these are limited only to K-9s that get injured in the line of duty and need urgent treatment.

Commercial Flights as Alternative to Medical Flights

Commercial flights usually consider pets as baggage and do not charge anything to carry them. Of course, they cannot travel together with their human friends and are required to travel separately. Unless, of course, you have deep pockets and can book a chartered flight for yourself and your furry friends. For most common people, commercial flights are just what they need, given the situation is not serious enough to travel in this manner. Some airlines, however, charge anywhere between USD 50 to USD 100 additionally.

Pet-Friendly Medical Flights May Offer Hope

Although not specifically designed for pets, there are medical flights out there that allow pets to travel along with their owners. Therefore, it would be safe to say that such air ambulance services may not mind ferrying small-in-size pets. Of course, one might need to arrange for the appropriate equipment and experts to fly along with the injured or sick pets.

The Cost Can be a Concern

There are hardly any health insurances out there that cover the medical expenses of a pet. Getting coverage for medical flights, therefore, can seem farfetched. One needs to be financially sound enough to avail of medical flights for pets, and it is perhaps the reason why we do not find many such services for these gentle souls.

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