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Medical Flight Memberships Offer Corona Coverage


There was a time when travel insurance was the only concern when travelling overseas. With the COVID-19 pandemic engulfing the world and the demand for medical flight services skyrocketing, people today are looking for additional layers of health security. The want is especially strong when travelling abroad for both leisure and business. This is where air ambulance memberships come into the picture. There are not many medical flight service providers out there who specialize in overseas evacuations. The services rendered by these companies comes at a premium and is often not covered by conventional insurance. Then, what is the solution?

Medical Flight Membership is the Answer

It only takes a few hundred dollars to ensure that, in the event of contracting COVID-19 infection, you get the best possible medical flight evacuation to your home country. A coverage like this affords you peace of mind with the assurance that you will surely get the best of care and you will be close to your family. Travel insurances may cover your COVID-19 hospitalization costs in a foreign nation, but they may not necessarily fly you back to your home country for treatment.

The Coverage is Not Limited to COVID-19

It could be any kind of medical emergency from road accident to a stroke, having a medical flight membership ensures that you can fly back to your country at the earliest while getting the best of care. Plus, it is a lot of cost saving. For instance, an evacuation from an Asian country to the United States can cost close to $200,000, while from Europe it can be close to $100,000. The best part is that these medical flight memberships cover you within the United States too where the bills usually average $25,000, which, of course, is no small amount by any measure. Prudence, therefore, lies in availing a medical flight membership.

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