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Medical Flight Rescues Member of the Royal Family


The revelation came from the Duchess of Cornwal, Camilla, as she was speaking at an event organized by one of the country’s medical flight service provider. She began by thanking the organization for helping the people in general during medical emergencies. She said that she has personally known people who have availed medical flight services and how they are life saving. She was speaking at Wiltshire Air Ambulance’s new base. She spoke to the staff of the medical flight organization and as she was taking part in the opening of a new base near Chippenham.

She Spoke About Her Family Member During the Medical Flight Event

It was revealed that the daughter of the Duchess of Cornwal, Laura Lopez, whom she had with Andrew Parker Bowles, was present during the medical flight rescue. Camilla also said that the person rescued was one of her granddaughter. The child was taken to a hospital in Yorkshire after an emergency call. It must be noted, in this context, that Laura Lopez has only one daughter aged 10 years and her name is Eliza Lopez. She has three children in total, two of whom are twin boys. Camilla, like Prince William, has been a longstanding patron of an air ambulance organization.

There was a Reason Why the Medical Flight Organization had Not Made the News Public

Like all medical flight companies, Wiltshire Air Ambulance, too has a policy of remaining tight lipped about the people who avail their services. It was for this reason that the name of the royal child was never revealed.

The air ambulance company, like several others in the United Kingdom, mainly relies on donations to stay afloat. The royal family is known to express their support to this service whenever possible. It was quite heartening to see Camilla open up about a personal issue to encourage the air ambulance service provider.

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