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Medical Flight Spreads Joy on Christmas!


This is a heart-touching Christmas real story that took place in the United Kingdom and was made possible by medical flight services of Midland Air Ambulance. It was an ill-fated day on October 29 of this year, when Tom Baily, a young 18-year-old boy, met with an accident that left him paralyzed from neck down. Tom had since been receiving ongoing treatment at Midland Center for Spinal Care. His father had been by his side all hours of the day, all days of the week since the accident. It was a sad occurrence for Tom’s family; nevertheless, they wanted to spend Christmas together as a family. Thanks to the medical flight that helped them in the nick of time.

The Events Before Medical Flight Transfer

Tom’s family had always resided in Wolverhampton and that is where he had grown up. However, after his father, who is a teacher landed a new job in Southampton, they moved to that area in August. However, Tom was still in the hospital. As Christmas drew closer the family wanted Tom closer to them.

This is when the family got in touch with the treating hospital to see if they could transfer care. Once the hospital zeroed down on the appropriate hospital in Southampton, it contacted Midland for medical flight services and they came through. Tom was elated at the development but also stated that he would miss the friends he grew up with. But the great news was that Tom could celebrate Christmas with his family, a great joy amidst huge adversity.

Midlands Medical Flight Doesn’t Usually Carry Out Hospital Transfers

Midlands Medical Flight is a charitable organization that usually carries only critical patients and rarely carries out transfers between hospitals. Tom was a special case though. Midlands Medical Flight not only agreed to execute the transfer, they also did it on time. Tom’s parents were very grateful for the kind gesture of the medical flight company.

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