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Meducare Air Enters Agreement with Islands to Provide Coverage for Air Ambulance Service


Meducare Air has entered into an agreement with the Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island to provide country-wide membership coverage. As a result, residents of the two regions will have some assurance that they will be covered in case they ever require air ambulance service.

The Connection Between Meducare Air and AirMedCare Network

Meducare Air is a provider under the AMCN (AirMedCare Network), which is the largest network for air ambulance memberships in the country. Participating providers under AirMedCare Network expand across 39 states in which they have a total of more than 320 air medical bases. And these providers help patients with life-threatening illnesses or injuries with life-saving air ambulance service.

How Air Ambulance Service Under Meducare Air works

When Meducare Air transports an insured island resident with a serious illness or injury, the provider will work out a payment for the flight with your benefits provider. The same holds true for any participating provider under AirMedCare Network. And the coverage will apply for any response conducted within the Charleston County.

Whatever payment made by the patient’s benefits provider will be considered as full payment. This will tackle the issue of unexpected out-of-pocket charges that some air ambulance providers expect from insured patients. In case the patient is uninsured during the time of transport but have Meducare Air coverage, they will be billed the “Medicare Allowable Rate” by the Med-Trans Corporation.

Island residents can also upgrade to a full AirMedCare Network Membership, which will be provided at a discounted rate. With this membership, they will be able to get full coverage and there will be no restrictions in terms of insurance coverage and pickup location. This means even in case they end up requiring the service while travelling out of the county, they will still get coverage from Meducare Air.

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