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Mysterious Shooting of Air Ambulance Service Pilot


It was during the Christmas day last year that the unfortunate event took place. Timothy Johnston was shot for unknown reasons and by an unknown person resulting in his death before the very eyes of his loving wife. Timothy has left behind daughter, Saoirse, and wife Lynn. Timothy was of Scottish origin and was brought up in Galston, Ayrshire. He had relocated permanently to the United States in the year 2008.

The Air Ambulance Service Pilot had Just Saved a Gentleman

Timothy had answered the call of duty hours before his death. Being in the air ambulance service industry, he flew to the rural area and rescued a person who was suffering from a stroke. The patient had survived and was recovering in the hospital.

The Events of the Night

Lynn said she could not really comprehend what had happened. She said she was not sure whether someone had targeted him specifically or whether it was a case of Timothy trying to protect them. She suddenly found him in a pool of blood and tried to revive him. Lynn, being an ICU nurse, had tried to salvage the situation the best that she could. She had immediately called 911 and tried to plug the bullet hole. However, Timothy did not survive. The police are currently investigating the case and have appealed to the public to come forward if they have any information about the incident.

The Air Ambulance Service Pilot’s Wife is Now without Money

Both Lynn and Timothy had recently changed jobs. Their life insurer refused to honor their policies for this reason. Lynn revealed that she and her daughter are now penniless due to this reason. She appealed to the general public to be sympathetic to their plight and help if possible. It would not be wrong to say Christmas has brought immense misery and helplessness the Johnston Family’s way.

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