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New Cork-Based Medical Flight Service to be Operational by Spring 2017


The Irish Community Rapid Response service is coming up with a new helicopter medical support unit to provide invaluable service to Kerry residents. The medical flight service will be based in Cork and is expected to be operational by spring of 2017. The helicopter will be servicing the regions of Kerry and Munster.

ICRR is Raising Funds to Launch the Unit

The Irish Community Rapid Response was founded in 2009 by John Kearney, who is also the CEO of the service. Kearney says that they still need to raise €1 million in order to launch the helicopter medical support unit, which they describe as a unit for “mobile intensive care”. It will be a challenge to raise such a large amount in just a few months since the service is relying on public funding.

Kearney also stated how the Kerry community is badly in need of a medical flight service. The helicopter will be able to reach the more secluded parts of the region so that residents can get prompt and efficient medical care and attention. The service is intended to complement the existing National Ambulance Service of Ireland and the coast guard helicopters servicing other parts of the country.

An EC 135 Helicopter to Provide Medical Flight Service in Kerry

The ICRR intends to purchase a new EC 135 helicopter to fulfill its requirements for a helicopter medical support unit. The unit will require €2 million annually to operate but the service is currently focusing on the €1 million needed to launch the unit.

As of now the ICRR has more than 100 GPs and five level-4 clinicians. This planned service is intended to provide a whole new level of medical care for the people of the region. Donations are open to the public and you can donate €4 to the service by sending DONATE to 50300.

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