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New Montana Legislation Receives Negative Response from Air Ambulance Companies


In February 2017, the Montana Senate had unanimously passed a new bill that would prevent overcharging by air ambulance companies. The bill came about after a thorough senate hearing in which former patients testified to having received exorbitant charges for getting transported by an air ambulance. Now the new legislation is experiencing opposition from air ambulance providers like AirMedCare.

No More Memberships from AirMedCare

AirMedCare has made an announcement about their opposition to the House Bill 73, which would prevent air ambulance patients from getting overcharged. In their announcement, they stated that their company will no longer be selling memberships in Montana because of this new legislation.

The announcement was made in a letter addressed to current AirMedCare members. They stated that the bill “singles out” membership programs provided by private air ambulance companies. It’s forcing them to subject to state regulations. They have to comply with fees under the Insurance Code and make arrangements with other providers, according to this legislation.

AirMedCare, in their announcement, also mentioned how the requirements of this bill are a violation of federal law. They also stated that the rules violate federal healthcare law.

No more Overcharging by Air Ambulance Companies for Montana Residents

According to Ryan Lynch, who sponsored the House Bill 73, the bill was drafted in accordance with the Senate Bill 44. It was designed so that Montana residents will have more cost-effective options in air ambulance providers.

Lynch has stated that mandating air ambulance providers to work together with insurance providers can reduce the average cost of transport by air ambulance aircraft. Lynch has termed the bill as a consumer protection bill, which will ensure that patients won’t be hit with unexpected and exorbitant charges after being airlifted to hospitals.

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