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The air ambulance services market is poised for significant expansion, driven by the increasing incidence of chronic diseases and the growing capabilities of air ambulance providers. We take a look.
The recent airlifting of a critically-ill woman from the US to India is a powerful example of how modern air ambulance logistics can bridge vast distances to deliver essential healthcare.

New Montana Legislation Receives Negative Response from Air Ambulance Companies

In February 2017, the Montana Senate had unanimously passed a new bill that would prevent overcharging by air ambulance companies. The bill came about...

Hospital Plans to Replace Old Air Ambulance Transport Helicopter

The Kalispell Regional Medical Center is still using a 17-year-old helicopter to carry out air ambulance transport. The helicopter operates under the hospital’s ALERT...

Montana Senate Passes Bill to Prevent Huge Air Ambulance Transport Costs

For several weeks, the Montana Senate has been dealing with a bill that would prevent air ambulance patients from getting charged excessively. Earlier this...

Montana Hospitals Struggling to Provide Medical Flight Services

The Big Sky state has had its share of news about huge bills for medical flight services. The main reason is that the cost...

Will Gallatin County Buy Airambulance Insurance for Its Residents?

A resident of Gallatin County in Montana was the most recent victim of a huge Airambulance bill that caught him unaware. Steve Cutler met...

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