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Nominations Open for Medical Escorts and Air Ambulances Awards


The ITIJ (International Travel and Health Insurance Journal) is gearing up for their 2017 Industry Awards. The award will include categories for medical escort and air ambulance providers. And nominations are now open for all the categories in the award. Air ambulances will be able to submit their nominations to become the Air Ambulance Company of the Year.

Air Ambulance Company Award Open to Fixed-Wing Aircraft Operators

For the Air Ambulance Company of the Year award, nominations are open only for providers who own or operate a fixed-wing aircraft. However, air ambulances that do not have a fixed-wing aircraft still have a chance of being nominated for other categories. They can submit their nomination for the Medical Provider award as long as they offer medical services and are in the industries of travel and health insurance.

New Nomination Process Offers Chance of Recognition for Air Ambulances

With the new nomination process, companies can participate in the awards in order to promote their services. According to ITIJ’s title editor Many Langfield, the ITIJ Industry Awards aim to reward companies that are worthy of recognition yet often fail to get it. By organizing the awards on an annual basis, travel and health insurers as well as their supporting companies get a chance to showcase their importance.

The 2017 ITIJ Industry Awards are scheduled to be presented during the International Travel and Health Insurance Conference. The conference will take place on 9 November in Barcelona, Spain. European Air Ambulance was named the 2016 Air Ambulance Company of the Year. REVA Air Ambulance, AMREF Flying Doctors, and Skyservice Air Ambulance were amongst the finalists in the category.

As for the Medical Provider of the Year award, Jackson Memorial received the honors. Sharp Healthcare and Commercial Medical Escorts were among the finalists in this category.

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