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North Memorial Air Ambulance Transport Helicopter Crashes; Three in Critical Condition


Three people are experiencing critical injuries after the air ambulance transport helicopter from North Memorial Health Care crashed early on Saturday, 17th September. The crash occurred while the helicopter was on its way to the Alexandria airport. All three injured were crew members of the air ambulance and no patients were on board the flight.

Details of the Crash

Investigations are being carried out to determine the reason for the crash. In the meantime, reports from the National Weather Service showed that there wasn’t any increase in fog that would reduce visibility at the time of the crash. According to a statement made by North Memorial Health Care, the crash occurred at 2:07 AM.

The 911 call received by the Douglas County Sheriff’s office was shortly after 2 AM and cited a possible helicopter crash. The staff at Douglas County Hospital was able to activate their Emergency Response Plan immediately after being notified of the air ambulance transport helicopter crash.

In addition to the deputies from the sheriff’s office and the hospital staff, the Alexandria Fire Department and the Alexandria Police Department also responded. The injured crew members were then transported to the Douglas County Hospital, after which they were moved to the North Memorial Medical Center.

Actions post Air Ambulance Transport Crash

Authorities blocked access to the crash site on Saturday while investigations were being carried out. The crash site is determined to be somewhere east of Lake Winona and near the north of Alexandria Municipal Airport.

North Memorial Health Care has notified both the National Transport Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration about the crash. The National Transport Safety Board has sent out an investigator to begin collecting information to perform its investigations about the crash.

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