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Northern Ireland Air Ambulance Gets a Sizeable Donation


Air ambulance companies in Northern Ireland rely heavily on charitable contributions to keep flying. The region frequently holds charitable events for this very purpose. The response is generally very good since the local communities understand the value that air ambulance organizations bring to the table. Unlike countries like the United States where air ambulance services are owned and operated by private equity partners, the ones in this region are supported by local companies and people. Of course, the government contributes too but most of the money comes through fund-raising efforts. Recently, Air Ambulance NI (Northern Ireland) received a sizeable donation from a local educational institution.

South Regional College Donates to Air Ambulance of Northern Ireland

The South Regional College recently announced that Air Ambulance of Northern Ireland would be its charity partner. In other words, the college would make a concerted effort to raise funds for the air ambulance organization. In fact, the college has pledged 21,000 pounds over the next two years. The announcement comes as a huge financial relief for the air ambulance charity. The announcement was made on the 4th of this month.

The College Called the Move a Worthy One

The South Reginal College was quite vocal in recognizing the fact that air ambulance services are important for the region. It acknowledged how this vital service is available 365 days a year and how it coordinates with the region’s land ambulance service to enhance its life-saving service to the general public.

It must be noted in this context that all air ambulances of the charity carry a paramedic and a doctor in addition to the pilot. The team administers pre-hospital treatment to people during some of their most traumatic events of their lives.

The spokesperson of the charity expressed the organization’s delight with respect to the announcement and thanked the college for its effort.

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