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One-Month-Old Baby Receives Coast-to-Coast Medical Air Transport from AeroCare


A critically-ill infant received a life-saving medical air transport service carried out by AeroCare Worldwide Air Ambulance. The one-month-old baby had multiple complex cardiac defects at birth and was in need of special surgery that will help in correcting the defects. AeroCare jumped in by safely transporting the infant and closely monitoring her condition throughout the journey.

Why Medical Air Transport was Needed

The special surgery involved recreating a vital missing artery, which only one surgeon in the U.S. could carry out. Dr. Frank Hanley, along with his specialized pediatric team, is located at Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital, which is on the other side of the country. Since the baby was in Washington D.C., she was in need of a specialized cross-country medical air transport.

The transportation could be carried out only by a fixed-wing jet equipped with crucial medical devices. AeroCare came to the rescue by transporting the patient in their Learjet air ambulance, accompanied by a highly-skilled air ambulance crew. For this mission, the company assembled a specialized team consisting of the most experienced specialists in neonatal transport.

Transporting the Baby

Due to the volatile condition of the patient, the team needed to closely monitor her throughout the flight. While she was stable during the flight, the team was well prepared to handle any kind of outcome and sudden deterioration in condition. The medical crew continuously monitored the patient’s ventilator needs and carefully calculated her oxygen requirements.

Being an emergency situation, the team also received a police escort during their transfer from the hospital to the air ambulance. The team of police officers ensured that the patient and medical crew quickly and safely reached the awaiting air ambulance without any delays along the way. Although AeroCare frequently carries out neonatal missions, this particular case was a unique experience for the team.

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