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Neonatal Transport

Amidst the financial strain faced by families like Sara England's with a $97,000 medical bill including the air ambulance charges, there is a pressing need for continued advocacy and reform within the healthcare system.
Amidst evolving policy landscapes and financial pressures, the future of the air ambulance industry remains uncertain. We highlight the importance of proactive measures for change.

One-Month-Old Baby Receives Coast-to-Coast Medical Air Transport from AeroCare

A critically-ill infant received a life-saving medical air transport service carried out by AeroCare Worldwide Air Ambulance. The one-month-old baby had multiple complex cardiac...

Wales Air Ambulance Service Gets an Equipment Upgrade with Advanced Baby Incubator

Wales Air Ambulance is all set to equip their helicopter with the most advanced in-flight incubators. For the charity, this means being able to...

New Base for Air Ambulances Opens at Glasgow Airport

Scotland’s Health Secretary, Shona Robison recently opened a new base for air ambulances at Glasgow Airport. The £4.5million site will serve as the base...

Alberta Woman, Amy, Still Struggling with Air Ambulance Cost to Get her Baby Home

A while back we had reported about Amy Savill who was struggling to pay two air ambulance bills. She had first availed an air...

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