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Possible European Expansion for Capital Air Ambulance Service


Capital Air Ambulance has recently announced that it is intending to expand its services into the European market. The air ambulance service, which is part of the Rigby Group’s aviation division, has been taking advantage of changes in the marketplace in the last few months to fuel its growth. Now the service has begun to operate out of a second base within the U.K. Additionally, the Capital Air Ambulance also provides services to transfer patients across Europe, North America, and the Middle East.

Capital Air Ambulance Service and Rigby Group

Two years ago, Capital Air Ambulance joined the Rigby Group. Since then, the air ambulance provider has been considered to exceed all expectations, as quoted by the group’s head of aviation division, Paul Southall. He added that there is a huge opportunity for British-owned air ambulance service providers to challenge its more established European counterparts. The operator will be making significant attempts to take up this opportunity in the coming months.

Growth for Capital Air Ambulance

Since joining the Rigby Group, Capital Air Ambulance has seen several growths especially in the area of resources. For instance, the service has invested in one custom-fitted LearJet 45. It has also added four King Air 200s to its fleet, which now totals to nine. With the LearJet 45, the service will find it much easier to carry out long haul repatriations to far-off countries. In fact, it has already served its purpose for one patient who was injured from a horse-riding accident that took place in Egypt.

With scopes of even more growth, the company continues to strengthen and expand its bases within the U.K. As of now, Capital Air Ambulance has expressed intentions to opening one base in the Europe in the near future.

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