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Prince William Shares his Experiences in the Medical Flight Industry


It has been slightly over a year since Prince William has ceased being actively a part of the medical flight industry. It was only in July of 2017 that he retired from his job as a pilot for East Anglian Air Ambulance. He had joined the organization in the year 2015. The Duke of Cambridge was recently invited to speak on a forum about mental health. This is when he revealed that seeing suffering and misery day in and day out can make one feel that is all there is to life. He recounted his days as a medical flight pilot and how it affected him deeply at a personal level. He said that he could not help but carry some of the emotions when he went back home.

William had Shared his Experiences on Television Before

The Prince was interviewed by BBC in the year 2016 for one of its documentaries where he had been very open about the fact that his job, as a medical flight pilot, was affecting him emotionally. He had spoken candidly regarding the “sad” and “dark moments” that he had to face as part of it.

At the time, the Duke was donating all his earnings, as a pilot, to worthy social causes. He had joined East Anglian Air Ambulance after a stint of 5 years with the Royal Air Force where he had been part of search and rescue missions.

Mental Health of Medical Community is Important

It is obvious that the medical community is constantly exposed to human sufferings and people can be affected by it. The Prince expressed his astonishment at the fact that only about 2% of medical professionals open up to their human resource personnel about mental health. He stressed on the need to offload stress that the job brings along with it.

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