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Quebec’s Lack of Air Ambulance Service is Worrying


It is rare to see road accidents not resulting in a tragedy and lack of air ambulance service only adds to the woes.  This was evident by the recent bus accident in rural Saskatchewan. The bus was carrying a hockey team comprising of youngsters aged between 16 and 21. It was worsened by the fact that 16 of these young souls did not survive. While condolences were all round, it is reflecting into the past and seeing how the tragedy could have been avoided that really matters, and experts in the medical field had something to say about this.

Air Ambulance Service Could Have Saved at Least Some

The presence of adequate air ambulance service could have saved some of the young boys says renowned Montreal doctor, David Mulder. Dr. Mulder said that he had grown up in the region and his heart went out to the victims and their loved ones. However, he pointed out that the presence of adequate air ambulance service could have got, at least, a few of the victims the care they needed, on time. He went on to say that it is important to get the injured the adequate treatment within the golden hour to increase their chances of survival. The golden hour is that window of time which is critical for the victim’s survival and air ambulance services can help.

There Simply Weren’t Enough Air Ambulances

Three air ambulances had reached the spot after the accident and transported the patients to the nearest hospital but they were not nearly enough given the scale of the tragedy. These were government-funded air ambulances. However, the region does have other private air ambulance services but those are only available for paying members. Addressing the need for emergency response services, the health ministry’s press secretary simply said, “All we have to say is that it is work in progress.”

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