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Raising Funds for Air Ambulance Charity through Biking Adventures


Gordon Wilson, the 61-year-old man from Wideopen, North Tyneside in the United Kingdom has embarked on a journey in the United States to raise funds for Great North Air Ambulance. It is a charitable organization and is supported by the local community. Gordon, or Mad Gordon as he is popularly referred to as today, is on a quest to raise awareness and funds by covering all 48 states of the United States on his bike and that too only within 48 days. He has already completed three-thirds of his journey and seems to be enjoying his adventures thoroughly. Lucky for him, he is getting quite good media coverage, which helps his goal of raising awareness for the air ambulance charity that is so close to his heart.

The Adventures of the Air Ambulance Hero

Gordon has been sharing his adventures by leveraging his Facebook page. What strikes out is his experience in Yellowstone Park. He says in one of his social media posts that he was chased by a bear just as he was cruising on his bike, enjoying the locale at 15 miles an hour. Of course, the speed did not remain the same once he realized that a bear was tailing him. He cites another incident where there the traffic in the Park was at a standstill as a bison was on the road. While all others around him were securely in a car with their windows up, Gordon was the only one in the open on his bike as the beast moved just feet away from him.

Helping Air Ambulance Charity Efforts are Unique in the United Kingdom

People of UK are known to come up with innovative ways to support air ambulance charities. It is a great way to raise awareness and funds at one go. Gordon seems to have successfully achieved both. His goal has been to raise a total of 20,000 British pounds.

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