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Reasons to Use Air Ambulance Services in Non-Emergency Situations


A visit to the doctor maybe for several reasons and can range from dialysis to a regular checkup. When you do not wish to trouble anyone else for your medical appointments, you can book ambulance services and make it to the doctor’s office on time. But what if the distance is too much and your health does not permit you to take land ambulance services, owing to the time it takes? That’s precisely where air ambulance services come into the picture. They are quick, efficient and you need not worry about getting stuck in the traffic.

Domestic and International Non-Emergency Air Ambulance Services

You may choose to go for rotary air ambulance services for domestic travel. In other words, a medical chopper. However, for very long distances, which is often the case with international transfers, fixed-wing air ambulance services are preferred. This is because they have a better range and are much faster and more comfortable for the patients.

When it comes to documentation and legalities of flying, international travel, obviously, has several requirements. To state that the same is not the case with domestic air ambulance services is, of course, a no brainer.

The Cost Involved

Non-emergency air ambulance services might not be considered an essential medical need in most cases. If deemed so, then the expense of such transportation might need to be borne by the patient. In this context, one must note that air ambulance bills can be huge and run into several thousand dollars.

You might be requested to foot at least a part of the bill or – if the insurance company refuses to cover it – pay the bill in full. The air ambulance company would be well within its right to do so since the travel is of non-emergency nature.

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