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REVA Air Ambulance Wins the Coveted ITIJ Awards 2015


Air ambulance industry insiders have long held that REVA Air Ambulance deserves the ITIJ (International Travel & Health Insurance Journal) award, which has now become a reality. In an award function held in Megaron Athens Concert Hall, the Air Ambulance of the Year award was handed over to REVA. This is the 13th year that the awards have been presented to those companies that have contributed positively and meaningfully to the global health insurance and travel industry. The other finalists were Tyrol Air Ambulance, FAI and ER24. The finalists had been announced earlier this year. The award was sponsored by US San Diego.

REVA Air Ambulance has Been Nominated Before

In fact, REVA air ambulance has been nominated twice before for the award. It was first nominated in the year 2012 but fell short of winning the award. REVA was nominated again last year but fell short of winning the award by a whisker. The year 2015, however, has proved lucky to the air ambulance company and it has finally bagged the award.

REVA is Well Established in the Air Ambulance Industry

The company’s operation spans the US and the Caribbean and is among the largest fixed wing air ambulance service providers in the region. The company prides itself on its extensive service of having conducted over 25,000 missions all over the world. REVA has achieved all this with a 100% safety record, which is highly commendable. The air ambulance service provider has also been bestowed with the AAMS Fixed Wing Award of Excellence. The company also enjoys several recognized accreditations such as:

  • National Accreditation Alliance of Medical Transport Applications
  • ARGUS Gold
  • International Assistance Group
  • The European Aeromedical Institute

REVA is recognized by FAA, CTAIL and is permitted to offer services in eight Caribbean islands, apart from US Treasury Cuban operation authorization.

The award was presented on the 5th of November.

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