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Ride for Air Ambulance Charity


The air ambulance charity – Hampshire and Isle of Wight – is calling bikers to take part in its fund-raising drive. The campaign is a return to its popular campaign, Ride4Life. The air medical service serves the people in and around the Hampshire and Isle of Wight counties. Both are located in Southern England. Founded in the year 2007, the air ambulance charity has flown over 7 thousand missions. It is among the 25 medical flight companies in the United Kingdom. The bike ride is going to cover a total of 45 miles. Both the start and the finish of the campaign will be from Isle of Wright. The bikers will attempt to collect funds as well as educate people throughout the campaign.

Air Ambulance Services and Biking Community

The biking community has always been actively participating in the charitable causes for air ambulance services and rightly so. The CEO of the air ambulance company that is running this company who himself is a biker brought some facts to light recently. He revealed that in most of the instances medical services are summoned to aid road accident victims. For bikers, the mere notion that there is someone out there looking out for their life during emergencies is quite reassuring.

United Kingdom has Always Led in Charity Initiatives

Air ambulance services are literally offered free of cost in the United Kingdom or are, at least, highly affordable. This is possible only because most of the air ambulance companies are charitable and do not operate for profit. This also means that raising funds is a huge burden. Thanks to a very involved community throughout the country, fund-raising efforts are held very often helping these societal charities stay afloat without any issue. These medical flight companies get government aid too but the dependency is more on the community for funds.

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