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School Kids in the United Kingdom Raise Funds for Air Ambulance Services


Two kids – one a six-year-old and another a seven-year-old, both little girls were in the limelight in the United Kingdom for raising funds for their favorite air ambulance services. As is the tradition in this part of the world, people of the local communities come together to raise funds for air ambulance services. The effort is a two-way street for the residents. They are able to avail the services at a reasonable cost and the air ambulance services manage to stay afloat due to the efforts of the people that they serve.

Six-Year-Old Alanna Raises 1000 BP for Air Ambulance Services

Alanna was always fascinated by air ambulances flying around. She was the first one to get on the flight tracker every time one was making way towards her home. On one of the occasions, she was able to speak to a pilot who was in the vicinity as part of the air ambulance services. Her mother says she was quite impressed by the conversation and became a fan of the pilot. Recently, she got a chance to raise funds for Isle of Wight Air Ambulance. She covered a whopping 11 miles as a part of this effort. In the end, she was able to raise over 1000 BP. The air ambulance charity featured her on their website for this amazing feat.

Seven-Year-Old Clocks Over 100 Kilometers for Air Ambulance Charity

Wales Air Ambulance’s Walk Wales challenge is a unique one. In that, the challenge is to cover 100 kilometers over a period of time. Participants can walk within their gardens or homes, or get out in the open. Their steps are counted and the goal is to ultimately cover 100 kilometers. Kara Richards, a seven-year-old was one such participant. She took up the challenge and has now successfully completed it along with her mother.

The two kids are definitely an inspiration to all of us.

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