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There was an air ambulance crash in Macon County, North Carolina, recently. Thankfully, there were no lives lost although the vehicle was severely damaged.
A few days ago, a Care Flight air ambulance crashed in Nevada, killing five people who were onboard. We take a brief look at this unfortunate incident.

Air Ambulance Companies and Lower Health Care Costs Act (Part 1)

The Lower Health Care Costs Act has been submitted and industry experts feel that the biggest losers— if the Act goes through – will...

National Conference of Insurance Legislators Now Has Model Law for Air Ambulances

An executive committee at the NCOIL (National Conference of Insurance Legislators) has come up with a model law that will be used for handling...

Bill to Prevent Huge Medical Flight Bills Gets the Go-Ahead

Over the past few weeks, lawmakers in Montana had been discussing a bill that would prevent medical flight patients from getting huge air ambulance...

Bill Aims to Lessen the Burden of Huge Medical Flight Bills for Air Ambulance Patients

Lawmakers in Montana had a first look at a bill aimed at preventing air ambulance patients from being charged thousands of dollars despite having...

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