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The Crashed Air Ambulance Seems to have Been Found


We have been keeping track of the search operations of the air ambulance that crashed in January of this year. The unfortunate medical flight was on its way to pick up a patient when it suddenly went off the radar for ‘apparently no reason’. The search operations by the coast guard was called off after extensive scouting for the air ambulance wreckage and after realizing that the survival chances of any of the crew members on board was next to impossible. The company that owns the medical flight, however, had not given up and continued with the search, employing private organizations to do the job. They were looking for closure and felt they had owed that effort to their employees onboard.

The Wreckage of the Air Ambulance Located Near Frederick Sound

It was reported that a wreckage the same size as that of King Air 200 had been located near Frederick Sound. The indication came from the beacon located in the air ambulance as we had reported earlier. The next step to zero down on the exact location is by the use of sonar technology. The wreckage, it is reported, has been located to be within a one-mile radius in the sea. This is precisely the reason why sonar technology is being used as the remains are deep under the water.

Remotely Operated Submersible is Being Used

A remotely operated submersible search device has been currently put into play. It is believed, that the remains of Flight Paramedic, Margaret Langston; Flight Nurse, Stacie Rae Morse; and Pilot, Patrick Coyle who were a part of the air ambulance might close to the wreckage. The spokesperson of the air ambulance service provider seemed very hopeful of this and said that the development was ‘positive’ and that they hoped to return their friends to their families.

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