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The Story of a Storyteller and Air Ambulance


Brian Major has been a travel writer for over 30 years and prides himself for having taken hundreds of flights during this time. He gleefully remembers the time when smoking was allowed onboard aircrafts and goes on to say that he was a frequent flier when flying was considered a “classy thing to do.” Brian chronicles his experiences with aircrafts beautifully in his recent article.


Brian had to take a New Kind of Flight Recently

Having been a smoker for long, the habit had finally taken a toll on him. While in Panama City and travelling by a taxi, he had felt a sudden unease in his chest and asked the taxi to take him to a local hospital where he found out that he had a collapsed lung.

Suddenly, Brian had found himself in a foreign land and healthcare he wasn’t very confident of. All he wanted was to be closer to home. Thanks to a wise decision taken just a few months back Brian was well-covered for this eventuality. He had recently bought an insurance that not only covered his emergency medical costs up to $10,000 but also air ambulance charges up to $20,00 and he was well on his way home in no time.

It was a Reassuring Journey Onboard REVA Air Ambulance for Brian

Aboard a Lear Jet and strapped to a stretcher, Brian was leaving Panama City and heading towards Miami in no time, thanks to REVA air ambulance. In his own words, the flight was extremely smooth and the air ambulance crew was professional and friendly. He felt an immense sense of relief aboard REVA air ambulance he writes.

Brian goes on to write that he underwent a surgery just a few hours later. Thanks to his insurance cover and quick service by the air ambulance provider, Brian is on his path to fully recovery now.

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