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Two Private Air Ambulances in Quebec Announce Alliance


The two private air ambulances in Quebec have announced that they will be joining forces to expand their services. This allied effort will ensure that residents of the region will be transported to the hospital faster than before regardless of where they’re located.

Alliance to Benefit Both Companies

Skyservice and Airmedic made the announcement during the first week of October. In their announcement, they stated that their alliance would be beneficial for both companies. Each has their unique geographical needs that the other cannot meet. But with their partnership, they will be able to meet those challenges.

The two air ambulances each carry out approximately 600 patient transfers per year. However, the main focus for Skyservice is on long-range transfers that take place internationally. Airmedic’s specialty lies in short-range to medium-range patient transfers, mainly fulfilling local air ambulance needs.

Enhanced Support by Two Air Ambulances

There are a few similarities and some differences in how the two companies operate. Both of them have pilots and nurses as well as paramedics on board their flights. They also have doctors who are on-call and can fly as necessary.

In addition to crew members, Skyservice can accommodate two patients and a family member each in one of their jets. They use portable medical equipment that enables them to carry out intensive care procedures on board their flights.

Airmedic carries out patient transfers in remote areas within the region. They have advanced equipment including night vision equipment for their pilots to safely navigate and land in remote locations.

So they both have some similarities but also offer unique benefits that make the alliance highly productive. The services provided by Skyservice and Airmedic are not covered by Medicare. There may be variations in the coverage provided for these services by private insurers. Airmedic, however, offers memberships for residents.

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