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US Air Ambulance Company Sued by HIV-infected Employee


An employee of a US Air Ambulance Company based out of St. Louis area has sued his employer for wrongly targeting him due to his HIV-positive health status. The employee of the US Air Ambulance Company has stated that he was initially a paramedic but his job responsibilities were changed and he was confined to the dispatch center owing to his illness.

The US Air Ambulance company in question is Air Evac Lifeteam. Its employee Clinton Moore who is HIV positive, in his lawsuit, has claimed that his reassignment was based on “outdated beliefs, misconceptions as well as irrational fears.”

The Allegation Against the US Air Ambulance Company

In the lawsuit he filed in the St. Louis court, Clinton Moore has alleged that the action by his employer violates three acts:

  • The Missouri Human Rights Act
  • The Rehabilitation Act of 1973
  • Americans with Disabilities Act

The lawsuit details that Moore was employed with the US air ambulance company since 2008; however, he found out about his illness in 2013 and went on a medical leave for aggressive treatment. This is when his employer realized about his illness and took the action with regards to his employment.

The Employer’s Argument

Air Evac Lifeteam came out and stated that its actions were in compliance with the government regulations and also to keep the patients safe. The US air ambulance company stated that it had requested Moore to take part in a medical review process as recommended by CDC (Centers for Disease Control); however, he had refused to oblige, compelling the company to change his work responsibilities.

The HIV Medicine Association on its part opined that the CDC regulations themselves were outdated and needed revision to keep up with the current times.

The US air ambulance company said that it actually upgraded his position enabling him to earn more and also keep his medical insurance.

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