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US Air Ambulance Services to Rescue Guatemala Volcano Victims


US air ambulance services will be put into play to rescue six citizens of Guatemala who were severely injured in the recent volcanic eruption. The volcano, named Fuego, is considered very active. Also the fact that it receives a lot of rainfall makes the surrounding area soft. This leads to mudslides and also a flow of debris along with rainwater on to the surrounding low-lying areas. Scores have families have reported several of their relatives missing. So far, the tragedy has seen hundreds of injuries and 75 deaths. The official death toll is still on the rise.

The US Air Ambulance Service will Carry the Victims to Texas

The six victims were initially treated in the country’s Roosevelt Hospital but when it became known that they needed advanced treatment, an attempt was made to take them to the United States. Quick visas were granted to all six on humanitarian grounds. Of the six injured people, three are in the age range of 12 to 16 years. The patients will be flown via US air ambulance services to Galveston, Texas, according to the news reports published in Guatemala’s El Periodico.

The Patients who are Being Transferred are Critical

When a volcano erupts, it is not just the lava and the mud slides that pose a danger, the toxic fumes that emerge out from deep within Earth can be life threatening as well. According to the doctors at Roosevelt Hospital, these victims currently have severe respiratory complications and need immediate attention in an advanced medical facility, which is available in the United States.

No immediate eruptions from Fuego are expected, at least, in the next few days. However, it is an eminent danger warned the experts. The nearby towns are currently filled with rescue workers and paramedics. The nearby highways have been blocked to keep people away from harm’s way.

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