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US and UK Air Ambulance Companies Sign MoU


We have seen air ambulance companies in the United States merging and acquiring other organizations at a rapid pace to expand operations and gain wider control of the market. Such moves by the air ambulance companies have also meant more efficient and convenient services for people throughout the country. Now, the air ambulance companies are taking this to a new level. Recently, AMR of United States and AirMed of United Kingdom have come together and signed a Memorandum of Understanding for coordinated efforts. We find out what this means for air ambulance service recipients in the country.

Why Have the Air Ambulance Companies Come Together?

The main objective seems to be to enable the clients of both air ambulance companies to have seamless access to medical transportation between the two countries. The MoU will enable both air ambulance companies to coordinate the services, especially when time is a critical factor. Apart from that the strategic partnership will reduce the response time for air ambulance clients in regions such as Europe, Middle East and Africa.

More About the Understanding Between the Air Ambulance Companies

The understanding between the two air ambulance companies is not mutually exclusive. This means they are free to collaborate with other air ambulance companies if the need arises. This could prove best for the patients as the services would not be restricted by the agreement. Another great thing about the understanding between the air ambulance companies is that they would have more resources at their disposal. The clients will now have access to a huge fleet of aircrafts comprising of one Challenger 601, six Turbojets, and twelve Learjets.

The officials of the air ambulance companies stated that they are often approached by people wanting air ambulance services to and from the United States and United Kingdom. It is hoped that providing them adequate services would now become easier.

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