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Wales Air Ambulance Relocates Pediatric and Neonatal Division of Its Medical Flight Service


The pediatric and neonatal division of Wales Air Ambulance Charity has been permanently shifted to a new base in Cardiff. From this new base, Children’s Wales Air Ambulance will be carrying out medical flight service to transport injured or ill children and vulnerable babies to hospitals in Wales and other nearby regions.

Advanced Medical Flight Service for Children

According to the HEMS service, this new operation based in Cardiff is the most advanced service of its kind available for pediatric and neonatal patients in the U.K. It is fully equipped with a revolutionary flight incubator system. Along with this, the charity also boasts of having the only dedicated helicopter transfer practitioners in Britain.

In addition to four pilots, four helicopter transfer practitioners will be stationed at the Cardiff Heliport so they can help in transporting patients between hospitals in case there’s a need for specialist care. The crew members each have a background in nursing and paramedicine. They have additionally undergone an intensive two-month training to practice in an air ambulance.

Strategic Move for Children’s Wales Air Ambulance

The permanent move to the new Cardiff base is a strategic one to improve the quality of medical flight service provided for pediatric and neonatal patients. The new base is located close to the Children’s Hospital for Wales, making it easier for them to provide quick and efficient transportation. They also have space and facilities dedicated for the unique operation they’re running.

The team can transport children and new-born babies to any health center in Wales and nearby regions. They can even transport patients to locations in Liverpool’s Alder Hay and London’s Great Ormond Street. This service can be the difference between life and death for a young patient in need of emergency treatment or surgery.

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