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Wales Air Ambulance Service Gets an Equipment Upgrade with Advanced Baby Incubator


Wales Air Ambulance is all set to equip their helicopter with the most advanced in-flight incubators. For the charity, this means being able to provide an advanced air ambulance service that will be an alternative to ground ambulances. As a result, vulnerable babies can be transported much more quickly between hospitals so that they can receive the necessary medical care in time.

Incubators to Replace Baby Pods for Better Monitoring

The Wales Air Ambulance hospitals started carrying Baby pods since 2013 to be used in emergency missions. With the new in-flight incubators, which can be attached to the chopper’s existing equipment, babies can get sufficient warmth and oxygen during the flight. The new incubators have a transparent chamber, so the crew can effectively monitor the babies.

Each incubator weighs around 100 kilos and will require two people to carry them into the helicopter. They were specially designed in Switzerland with the help of Welsh medics. NHS Wales has bought two new incubators costing £ 70,000 each in order to upgrade the quality of their air ambulance service.

What this Means for Quality of Air Ambulance Service

Wales Air Ambulance is constantly moving towards upgrading the quality of service they provide. Since April 2015, consultant doctors have started accompanying helicopter crews who go out to attend to a call. According to Dr. Dindi Gill, who is the Interim Director of the Emergency Medical Retrieval and Transfer Service, the incubator system can further enhance the medical team’s ability to provide in-flight neonatal care and transport.

For neonatal patients, temperature control is of the utmost importance. So having the incubators available for them will be a welcome change and improvement for Wales Air Ambulance. Once the medical crew receives proper training, they will give the incubator service a trial run until the end of 2016.

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