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Why is Medical Air Transport Accreditation Necessary?


Medical Air Transport Accreditation is not mandated by any government agency. Then, why do some of the best air ambulance companies around the world place so much importance on it? One obvious answer to this question is that the organization’s commercial value increases drastically as it assures the customers a degree of service and safety. However, that is just the surface of it feel several industry experts. It has a more far-reaching benefit they feel. In this article, we look at those aspects that are not outwardly apparent when it comes to such accreditations.

Meeting the Need of Global Medical Air Transport Industry

Accreditation standards evolve as global standards change. This, in turn, necessitates that the air ambulance organizations evolve too. Since accreditation must be renewed every few years, the medical air transport companies automatically evolve as they undergo self-improvement and training sessions to keep up and remain prepared.

An Orientation towards Quality Excellence

Before the accreditation is awarded, the agency that offers it conducts a thorough inspection. According to Emma Roberts who is REVA’s Director of Safety Management Systems, “As carriers become more mature in such systems, auditors are not just looking for policies to satisfy or ‘check the box’ for safety management system requirements, they are looking for specific examples of how they are critical parts of our business process, and are interviewing all levels of employees to ensure the culture is present throughout.” This leads to added benefits such as instilling an organization-wise quality orientation.

Great for Reducing Financial Liabilities and Reputation

Accreditation automatically improves the reputation of the medical air transport company and this is true when it comes to patients as well as insurers. It is an assurance that the organization does everything in its power to maintain high quality standards.  As a result, the entire process of claims in case of unforeseen eventualities goes through smoothly, making the organization more secure.

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