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Williams’ Air Ambulance Service Appeals for Leisurely Goods


East Anglian Air Ambulance Service, which Prince Williams is a part of, has appealed to the general public of the United Kingdom to donate large television sets, refrigerators, freezers, and other gadgets for the crew. These leisurely goods will be used in the new operations base that cost the charity over 250,000 British pounds. The two-storied facility will house Prince Williams’ crew too.

The Appeal was made on Facebook page of East Anglian Air Ambulance Service. It said “EAAA needs your help” and went on to list items that it needed. Appeal was made to donate microwaves, 55-inch TVs, dishwasher, under-counter fridge as well as freezer and any other white item that citizens are willing to part with.

Williams Could Easily Help the Air Ambulance Service

There’s no doubt that the many villas, palaces, and other royal accommodation that the Prince’s family owns have TVs and other equipments that have not been used for long and have little utility. However, this has not compelled East Anglian Air Ambulance Service to request Prince Williams to part with some of these equipments. It has been a tradition with this charitable air ambulance service to appeal to the public when it needs funds or equipments such as these and it has kept with the practice in this instance too.

The Air Ambulance Service has Asked for Material Donations Before

About 3 months ago, East Anglian Air Ambulance Service had appealed to the public to donate them a fridge for their Norwich base as the existing fridge was broken. It’s natural for people to expect that the air ambulance service treats the “Prince” in a special manner. However, sources say that there is no such privilege given to Williams. In fact, he is described as a down-to-earth person. Of course, the security provided to him is very high and rightly so.

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