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Wiltshire AA Prepares for a Christmas Raffle to Fund Air Ambulance Transport Operations


Wiltshire Air Ambulance continues to make waves with its fundraising efforts as it prepares for this year’s Christmas raffle. The charity comes up with an annual raffle in addition to several fundraisers to find its air ambulance transport operations. For this year’s Grand Christmas Draw, Wiltshire Air Ambulance is offering a total of £3,000.

Christmas Raffle Raises Vital Funds for WAA

According to Rebecca de la Bedoyere, who is the charity’s senior fundraising manager, the Grand Christmas Draw brings in vital funds for Wiltshire Air Ambulance. The charity requires at least £3.25 million to keep their aircrafts flying to save lives. And this Christmas raffle often makes up for a large part of that fund requirement.

To participate in the raffle, people can buy tickets worth £1. Entering the draw gives participants a chance to win £3,000 as the top prize. In addition to this, there’s a £500 second prize and a £100 third prize. Five people will win consolation prizes of £50. Entering before November 30th gives people an entry into the Early Bird draw, for which they can win a £100 voucher for Marks & Spencer.

For those who are interested in supporting the air ambulance transport operations, people can call 01380 739453 to purchase tickets to the draw. In order to participate, players need to be at least 16 years of age and must enter the draw before January 2nd.

WAA Continues to Upgrade its Air Ambulance Transport Operations

Wiltshire Air Ambulance has been making innovative steps in improving their operations. Last year, they started carrying blood supply on board their emergency transport aircrafts and vehicles. Their efforts at fundraising have made notable waves with the charity being shortlisted to win a national-level fundraising award.

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