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Winners Announced for Association of Air Ambulances Awards


The Association of Air Ambulances honored notable members, clinicians, and aviators at its annual awards ceremony. The ceremony was held on 14th November at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London. It saw more than 250 people showing up to witness the awards being handed out. During the awards ceremony, 11 awards were handed out to both individuals and teams who made a noteworthy contribution in the world of air ambulance operations.

HIOWAA Receives Air Ambulance Campaign Award

The renowned award ceremony was hosted by Sophie Long, who is a reporter and presenter for BBC News and Rav Wildling, Helicopter Heroes presenter. And they presented the Air Ambulance Campaign Award to Hampshire and Isle of Wright Air Ambulance for their “999 Be a Hero” campaign.

The campaign received an Association of Air Ambulances award because it was geared towards educating young individuals about responding in an emergency. The campaign, designed for children between the ages of 5 and 11, helped in showcasing the importance of air ambulance operations and other emergency services.

Other Air Ambulances and Medical Caregivers Honored at the Ceremony

In addition to the Air Ambulance Campaign Award, other awards handed out were Innovation of the Year, bagged by Devon Air Ambulance. Several individuals were honored during the ceremony with Dr. Mark Wilson from London Air Ambulance being named Doctor of the Year. The Paramedic of the Year was Erica Ley with Essex and Herts Air Ambulance.

Pilot of the Year was Steven Norris, who works for the East Anglican Air Ambulance. The association even handed out a Lifetime Achievement award, which went to Alastair Wilson, who works as a medical director for the East Anglican Air Ambulance. The award was given to him due to the outstanding contributions he has made for UK HEMS charities.

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