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Woman Seeks Community Help to Afford Air Ambulance Service


Air ambulance service can be quite expensive but we already know that. Now, imagine the costs associated with flying to the United States of America from Uganda. The cost, no doubt, would be sky high – a fact that a Virginia woman learnt the hard way. She was on her way to meet a child whom she was slated to adopt and fly back to the US. She, in fact, had just landed in Uganda and taken a taxi from the airport. Unfortunately, the taxi met with an accident as she was en route to pick up the child she was going to adopt.

The Choice Between Hospitalization and Using Air Ambulance Service

A shock was waiting for the woman as she was transported to the nearby hospital after the accident. According to her account, the care equipment was in tatters in the hospital, and she was not comfortable being treated in such a medical set up. The only recourse for her was travelling back to the United States by utilizing air ambulance service but luck was not by her side. She was covered under Medicare – an insurance that does not offer coverage beyond the borders of the United States. She, being unaware of this fact, was feeling helpless.

Church Community Comes to Rescue

Just when the Virginian woman was wondering how to shore up USD 169,000 for the air ambulance service, her church community came together to lend her a helping hand. They raised the money and soon enough, she was back in the United States getting adequate treatment.

The problem is that most people do not know the limitations of their health insurances, especially when it comes to air ambulance service coverage. Had the woman spent just about USD 100, she would have comfortably been able to get back home as soon as the unfortunate accident had occurred. Adequate health coverage is something that people need to seriously take note of, especially when travelling overseas.

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