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The World is Looking at Air Ambulances to Contain Ebola


In a recent effort to contain the deadly Ebola virus, the Liberian government has purchased four additional air ambulances and one of these air ambulances would join the country’s fleet soon. This news was made public by government representative Saah Joseph recently.

The air ambulances are among the many efforts by the government to contain the virus. Other efforts have included betterment of ground ambulance services and medical supplies. The air ambulances would enable the response teams to respond to emergency calls in a more efficient manner. The air ambulances would be employed in high-risk areas such as Lofa. One major advantage of air ambulances is that the people suffering from the viral attack can be effectively quarantined from the general public during transport.

Air Ambulances have Played a Major Role during the Crisis

It is believed that the number of patients who have been evacuated due to Ebola exposure have not fully been disclosed yet. It is said that the State Department has contracted private air ambulances for this job. According to the VP of Phoenix Air Group, in most of the instances, it is mere exposure and not actually the presence of disease that warrants action.

He also expressed his inability to disclose the actual number of evacuation as there are restrictions in place by the State Department. However, one thing is clear – air ambulances are playing a major role in containing the spread of Ebola virus. Phoenix Air has conducted about 10 missions related to Ebola in the past few weeks. The company has been widely using F-313 for this purpose. These air ambulances can carry two Ebola patients at a time. The aircraft has been designed to keep the crew uninfected during the approximately 12-hour long flight.

Air Ambulances have Been Whisking American Ebola Patients in West Africa

We have been hearing news about air ambulances carrying patients to different parts of the United States every now and then. Even though the affected numbers have been nothing big, the evacuations have been comparatively quite huge. Air Ambulances have given medical care its global reach in the true sense. The Ebola scare has been a medium that has highlighted this fact.

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