Acadian Air Med Starts Carrying Life-Saving Blood Supply to Improve Quality of Medical Flight Service

Acadian Air Med, a medical flight service serving Terrebonne and Lafourche along with the southern parts of Louisiana, will now be carrying blood on board to help save more lives. With this change, the crew will be able to carry out emergency blood transfusions to patients in need.

Partnership with United Blood Services

The ability to carry blood on board is thanks to a partnership between the service and United Blood Services. According to the service officials, Acadian Air Med has now become the first medical flight service serving the Gulf of Mexico workers along with the oil and gas platforms to carry in-flight blood supplies.

According to the Dr. Charles Burnell, the chief medical officer of the company, the patients they service will now have a better chance of survival even though they’re located very remotely. It has been extremely challenging for air ambulance providers to carry blood on board because of issues such as temperature, air pressure fluctuations, etc. And there are only a few air ambulance helicopters in the South that carry blood on board.

Investment Made to Save More Lives with Medical Flight Service

Dr. Burnell also added that the company has been seeing an increase in the number of critically injured or ill patients who have had to be transported for long distances. As a result of this, they have chosen to invest in providing the vital service through all their Air Med fleet. Each of their aircrafts carries two units of blood during each shift and has two more ready for restocking.

Two units of blood can make a huge difference for a patient that’s experienced significant blood loss. Even with this recent addition, they have already managed to make a difference for some patients.

Legal Firm Donates £540,000 to Help Build Helipads for Air Ambulances

A legal firm in Malvern has made a contribution of more than half a million pounds towards the construction of helipads for air ambulances. The firm’s donation went to the HELP Appeal, a charity dedicated to building such helipads. The legal firm has been raising funds for the charity since 2014 and finally handed over a cheque for the accumulated funds since.

Will-Making Helped Raise Funds to Help Air Ambulances

In order to raise funds for the charity, paralegals at Wills and Legal Services in Worcester Road Malvern Link have been writing wills and suggested their customers donate £40 in exchange for their services. The funds they have raised since 2014 is expected to help complete the construction of a helipad for the Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

Wills and Legal Services decided to donate the funds to the HELP Appeal realizing the importance of the work the charity is doing. By helping build helipads for hospitals across the country, they’re providing valuable support to air ambulances and helping save lives in the process. The firm also invites people who need their wills written to choose their services since they’ll be able to save lives while planning for their future.

Only Charity Dedicated to Funding Hospital Helipad Construction

The HELP Appeal is the only charity in the U.K that’s dedicated to providing funds for building hospital helipads. They have helped in the construction or upgrade of 20 helipads all over the country. There have been 7,000 landings made on helipads funded by the appeal till date.

The charity has released a statement thanking the legal firm for realizing the importance of the appeal’s work. They have also thanked the firm for the hard work they have put in to raise such a large amount of money.

Couple Shows Support for Air Ambulance Services by Raising £7,000

During 2017, a couple in their seventies has raised close to £7,000 to help fund air ambulance services in Oxfordshire. Ray and Janet Dawson have credited their fundraising accomplishment to the generosity of people who dropped their coins in the tin they have prepared for the occasion.

Donations Made to Thames Valley Air Ambulance Services

By the end of the year, the couple from Grove managed to raise funds amounting to £6,958.66. These funds will go to funding the operations of Thames Valley Air Ambulance. The couple went out on a regular basis to raise funds for the charity. They visited places such as Tesco stores, village co-ops, village fetes and fairs, etc. as part of their fundraising effort.

The 76-year-old grandfather, Ray Dawson has expressed his gratitude towards residents of Wantage and Grove as well as the surrounding areas. He also thanked all the shops that have shown support for the couple’s fundraising efforts.

Former Career Inspired Ray Dawson to Begin Raising Funds

Ray Dawson has had a career in emergency services, having served as a driver for fire a private ambulance. He has even served as a driver for a fire engine at the Crowley car works, which is based in Oxford. Having seen their work firsthand, this former career inspired Mr. Dawson to start raising funds for air ambulance services. His wife, Janet then decided to join him in his efforts.

According to Mr. Dawson, he has seen what these emergency services can do to save people’s lives. He also talked about how badly these services require financial support in order to continue their operations. He said that emergency services are what can get people “back to work” and are in vital need of their fundraising efforts.

New Base Opens in Moundsville for Medical Flight Service Helicopter

Healthnet Aeromedical Services has officially opened the new base for their medical flight service helicopter in Moundsville. This new Base 10 facility took 12 months of hard work to complete. Now the service would be able to help a lot more patients in getting the necessarily medical care on time.

New Base to Fulfil the High Demand of Medical Flight Service

The severe weather hitting the Ohio Valley has increased the number of medical emergencies in the region. Setting up the new base will help Healthnet Aeromedical in fulfilling their responsibilities much more effectively. The organization’s President and CEO, Clinton Burley has stated that they decided to invest in the new base because the community is in dire need of high-quality helicopter emergency service.

So they decided to start developing the space and turn it into a base for their helicopter, spending 12 months to complete it. They were finally able to officially open the doors of the new Base 10 facility on February 2.

First Not-for-Profit Medical Aircraft to Service the Area

According to Burley, there is already a for-profit medical aircraft servicing the area. And their medical flight service will be the first not-for-profit emergency helicopter that will be servicing the Northern Panhandle. Each of their flights will be properly equipped with specialized medications, blood, and plasma in addition to being operated by a critical care team.

The team will be using a twin-engine aircraft to run their operations. Burley also stressed on the fact that their organization is not for profit, which means that they will be providing their assistance to anyone in need regardless of the patient’s ability to pay for service. For this helicopter, the organization invested $6 million and made another significant investment for the base.

Midlands Air Ambulance Receives £4,000 to Fund Their Air Ambulance Transport Missions

National Forest Adventure Farm, a popular tourist attraction, has raised thousands of pounds for Midlands Air Ambulance. Workers at the farm have organized several fundraising events to collect more than £4,000 to support the charity’s air ambulance transport missions.

Several Fundraising Events Organized

The farm workers organized several events to help raise funds for the air ambulance charity. In August 2017, guests at the farm were invited to a charity twilight maize maze event, from which they were able to raise £2,425. The event saw over 400 guests, who actively participated in navigating their way around a maize maze of 10 acres. The maize was designed with a pirate theme and took place at dusk.

In addition to the funds raised from this event, there were several other fundraising events that helped raise the amount donated. Some of the funds were collected through collection tins.

Funds to Support Future Air Ambulance Transport Mission

Tom Robinson, director of the National Forest Adventure Farm recently visited the Midlands base in Tatenhill to present the cheque. Paramedics Laura Rogers and Ian Lock were the paramedics who received the cheque on behalf of the charity.

Robinson has expressed their delight to have been able to raise funds for an important charity that’s vital for the community. For 2018, he stated that they have plans to focus their fundraising efforts towards helping the Burton Hospitals Charity, which is their chosen charity for the year.

Midlands Air Ambulance Charity’s fundraising manager, Katie West expressed the charity’s gratitude towards the National Forest Adventure Farm for having raised money to support their air ambulance transport missions. The funds donated by the farm would have a significant positive impact on their operations as they need to spend £2,500 on average for each mission.

Western Massachusetts to Get New Air Ambulance Service

Hartford HealthCare has developed a new partnership with Springfield’s Baystate Health. This agreement will extend air ambulance service to western Massachusetts. This will be the third Life Star helicopter for Hartford HealthCare. The other two helicopters are based at Norwich’s Backus Hospital and Meriden’s MidState Medical Center.

Strategic Base Chosen for the New Helicopter

According to the agreement, the new helicopter will be based at the Westfield-Barnes Regional Airport located in Westfield, Massachusetts. This location has been chosen strategically, so that flight crews can easily reach the base. Life Star will be in charge of providing the medical flight crew for the helicopter. It will also be providing communication support from Hartford Hospital.

In addition to this, the job of managing hangar space and flight operations will be taken care of by Air Methods, an emergency transportation company. The air ambulance service will transport patients to Baystate, which is a level 1 trauma center.

20,000+ Patients Transported by Life Star’s Air Ambulance Service

Life Star was founded in 1985 and is based in Connecticut. Since its inception, the service has carried out almost 32,000 flights. They have also managed to transport more than 20,000 patients, helping save thousands of lives in the process.

Jeffrey Flaks, Hartford HealthCare’s COO & President, has stated that Life Star has reached a new milestone with this new partnership. According to Jeffrey, the company takes pride in the knowledge that the dedicated crew of Life Star has managed to save countless lives using their extraordinary capabilities.

With this new agreement, it will be easier for the Life Star emergency crew to reach patients in western Massachusetts. As a result, they will have a better chance of saving more lives by providing timely emergency medical care and quick transportation.

GNAAS Medical Flight Helicopter Targeted by Laser Strike

The Great North Air Ambulance crew has been put at risk after being targeted by laser strikes while they were returning to base after responding to a call. The incident took place at 5:49PM on January 14, while the helicopter was returning to Durham Tees Valley Airport. A laser beam was shone right into the cabin of the medical flight helicopter.

Pilot Warns Against the Dangers of Laser Strikes For Medical Flight Helicopters

GNAAS pilot, Captain Jay Steward has made a statement, warning against the dangers of laser strikes for helicopters. Laser strikes can temporarily blind the pilot, who can lose control of the aircraft. This could put the entire crew at risk. Earlier, a Wales Air Ambulance medical flight doctor experienced temporary blindness and eye damage after being targeted by a laser strike.

During this particular incident, the beam only hit the aircraft for a few seconds. As a result, none of the crew members experienced any eyesight damage. The charity’s aircraft has been a target of laser strikes for the fourth time since November 2016. They have filed a report about the incident to aviation authorities and the police.

GNAAS Urges Public to Report Any Suspected Culprits

Captain Steward also urges the public to call the police in case they see anyone recklessly using a laser pen or if they have video evidence. He also stated that laser strikes are a serious offence. In a recent incident, a man was in jail for 20 weeks for attacking a police helicopter with a laser strike.

There is a new bill being currently considered by the U.K Parliament so that there will be tougher punishments for people who have committed laser strikes. The Laser Misuse Bill, if passed, will ensure that people who have threatened aircraft safety would face a maximum jail term of five years along with unlimited fines.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance Bags the 2017 Air Ambulance Service Award

Yorkshire Air Ambulance has bagged a prestigious award at the Health Business Award, held in London. The air ambulance was declared the winner of the 2017 Air Ambulance Service award. The national-level awards are aimed at recognizing and celebrating significant contributions made by different organizations and individuals whose work pertains to the NHS.

Successful Event Held in London

The awards were given out at a star-studded event held at the Grange Hotel in London. They were presented by Dr. Phil Hammond, who is a broadcaster, journalist, and physician. As mentioned earlier, the Health Business Award helps provide recognition while celebrating the contributions made by organizations and individuals working with the NHS.

Impressive Contributions Resulted in Yorkshire Winning the Air Ambulance Service Award

Considering the contributions made by Yorkshire Air Ambulance, it’s no surprise that they bagged the coveted award. The air ambulance serves five million people living in the Yorkshire area and carried out in excess of 1,250 missions each year.

To carry out their life-saving air ambulance service, the charity has to raise £12,000 each day, which means they need at least £1.4 million in a year to continue running their service.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance has managed to bring two new helicopters into full service during the past 12 months. The new helicopters are state-of-the-art Airbus H145 helicopters and they’ve each been equipped with advanced medical equipment to assist their crew in saving lives.

The air ambulance is constantly improving the quality of service they provide. Towards the end of 2017, they were given permission to carry out their operations at night. This enabled them to help save more lives. They have also started carrying blood on board so they can carry out emergency blood transfusions whenever necessary to help save lives.

Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance to Provide 24-Hour Medical Flight Service

Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance is constantly on the move to further improve the quality of medical flight service they provide. After deciding to carry blood on board last year, the charity has decided to extend their hours of service to save more lives. Starting from the summer of 2018, the air ambulance will begin to operate for 24 hours a day.

Increased Cost of Operations Expected

With extended hours of operations, the air ambulance expects to see an increase in their cost of operations. Currently, they require £2.5 million every year to successfully operate. After offering a 24-hour service, they expect to spend at least an extra £2 million and spend around £4 million each year.

In 2017, the air ambulance also began using a new helicopter to carry out their medical flight service. The state-of-the-art AgustaWestland 169 enabled the air ambulance to improve the quality of service they’re providing to residents of Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.

Gradual Transition to 24-Hour Medical Flight Service

According to Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance’s chief executive officer Karen Jobling, the air ambulance wouldn’t switch to a 24-hour service overnight. Their staff is already preparing to provide extended service to the communities they serve by the end of 2018.

The team has also made provisions to continue with their emergency medical care even when their helicopter is grounded as a result of unforeseen circumstances. They have a Rapid Response Vehicle that’s been fully equipped with life-saving equipment that can help experts carry out emergency medical procedures.

The extended hours of service will be in place for a trial period of two years, during which they will closely review and analyze its performance. Through this, the air ambulance plans to ensure that they’re providing the most appropriate emergency care possible.

Pafford Resumes Air Ambulance Service in Pine Bluff

Pafford Air One, the Pine Bluff-based air ambulance service has resumed their services after three of their crew members were killed in a helicopter crash in November. After conducting a thorough investigation, the National Transportation Safety Board has ruled that the crash of the Pafford Air One Bravo resulted from multiple bird strikes as it flew over the Hamptons Reservoir.

Company Retires Helicopter Name to Show Respect for Deceased Crew Members

As a result of the crash, three of the air ambulance’s crew members lost their lives – John Trey Auld III, James Spruiell, and Mike Bollen, an Air Methods pilot. To show respect for these deceased crew members, the air ambulance has decided to retire the Air One Bravo name. They have replaced it with the Pafford Air One-Echo moniker.

On January 12, Friday the air ambulance service had a company-wide radio silence to further pay respect. They then resumed their service following this. According to their new release, the team has made a lasting commitment to be as passionate as Jim, as precise as Mike, and as spirited as Trey.

Company to Continue Providing Lifesaving Air Ambulance Service in Rural Regions

The medical helicopter services of Pafford Air One extend to Clarksdale, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Ruston in addition to Pine Bluff. They have been able to maintain a safety record of more than 20,000 flying hours since they began their services in 2006. As a result of their help, thousands of patients have been able to receive lifesaving services.

The company aims to continue providing high-quality service for patients who reside in rural areas where the response and transport times can negatively impact the outcome. Their service can ensure that critically ill or injured patients can get the quality of care they require before it’s too late.