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A Charitable Christmas Effort for Air Ambulance in the UK


Steve Bailey, who lives in Wilstock Village, will host the event on November 27 to raise funds for Devon and Somerset Air Ambulance and to collect letters for Santa. Steve started the event in 2020 and has raised a total of £740 since then, but he hopes to break this record this year. “Every year, I raise money for the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance through my Christmas Lights switch-on event,” he explained.

What’s the Air Ambulance Charity Effort All About?

“I’d also like to bring joy to the local community and children in the area.” I dressed up as the Grinch last year and collected letters addressed to Santa. “This year, I want to beat my total set from last year while also explaining what I’m doing and why I do it.” Spidey Santa will be turning on the lights and handing out free sweets to the children. We will also be handing out free mince pies to adults who turn on the lights at night. “We will also write letters to Santa and have a post box outside my house that goes directly to the North Pole, and we will receive a hand-delivered message from Santa.”

Why Does Steve Do it?

Steve stated that he decided to raise funds for the air ambulance after the organization assisted her mother in 2020. “On January 13, 2020, I received a call from my mother saying they needed me; later that day, my father died; my mother had been married to him for 63 years and was now lost without the love of her life,” he explained. But then, on February 4, my mother fell and broke her hip, necessitating the use of an ambulance.

“A doctor gave her more painkillers to help her move, and an air ambulance was nearby and came to help, transporting my mother to the hospital.”

“Unfortunately, she died on February 12 and joined my dad, whom she greatly missed, but the air ambulance gave me another week and I will always be grateful to them for the help and everything they did for my mum, so now I raise money, give back, and help to bring cheer to my local area.”

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