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Air Ambulance Fundraiser Fined for Drunk Driving


We’ve always spoken highly of United Kingdom’s efforts at fund raising for air ambulance organizations. The latest news, however, was a bit disappointing. Lisa Blezard is employed as a fund raiser with Yorkshire Air Ambulance. At present, Lisa is on maternity leave. She was arrested on January 22 of this year and tried on February 8. She was found to have a blood-alcohol level less than twice the permissible limit. She was driving a Nissan Juke at the time. Lisa had been reported by Asda security personnel.


The Defence by Air Ambulance Employee’s Prosecution

Lisa pleaded guilty of the charge and did not contest it in the court, which was appreciated by the judge. The judge also noted that she was only 32 and the possibility of a dent in her reputation is a great punishment in itself. Toni McCann who was her defence lawyer said that Lisa did not believe that she was drunk enough not to drive and was in good senses. Predictably, this argument was not accepted by the judge and she was fined 500 British pounds and banned from driving for 17 months.

Lisa revealed that she was on a food-replacement milkshake and that might have impaired her capacity to metabolize alcohol.

Lisa May Lose Her Job with the Air Ambulance Company

Although Yorkshire Air Ambulance has not yet taken a decision on Lisa, it is possible that she may be sacked from her job as a fund raiser for the charitable organization, where reputation can mean everything. However, there is also the concern that she is a new mother and needs to take care of her newborn and herself.

Lisa said that she had been to her friend’s house and had three glasses of wine with her. She had set out on her car to a nearby store to buy something for her child who was irritable. She wanted to get something to soothe her teething baby.

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