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Air Ambulance is the Only Hope for British Toddler, Alfie Evans


Young Alfie Evans has been on life support for almost the entirety of his life, spanning not even three years. Now, an air ambulance travel to Rome seems to be his only chance of survival, but there have been roadblocks that are hindering his chances of getting adequate treatment. In the United Kingdom, where healthcare is mostly free, oftentimes the doctors are forced to withdraw life support when they deem the chances of a patient’s survival bleak. Same is the case with Alfie Evans.

The Parents are Leaving No Stone Unturned

The parents had appealed in the court against the doctors’ decision to withdraw support to their little one. The court, however, had not ruled in their favour. The unrelenting parents, while requesting the court to reconsider this decision, had also appealed to the Pope that the child be treated in Rome. Listening to the plight of the parents, the Pope had rallied behind them and opened doors for the child’s treatment in Rome, the toddlers last shot at life. As fate had to have its way, there were more obstacles in the child’s way.

The Child was Refused Air Ambulance Support

Considering the doctors’ opinion that the chances of survival are slim, it was ruled that the child was not eligible for air ambulance travel. Simultaneously, the life support for the child was being weaned off. An air ambulance service in the UK has already come forward to fly the child to Rome. On the other hand, an Italian army helicopter has been on standby to carry Alfie. The Italian government had earlier granted the child citizenship on humanitarian grounds. What’s left now is a bureaucratic tangle of sorts that is preventing the medical flight. All we can hope for is that things are sorted out in time and the child gets another chance at life, at least for his parent’s sake.

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