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Air Ambulance News From Around the World


There were several adrenaline-pumping moments in the world of air ambulance this week. From near-fatal accidents to life-saving rescues, it was all in the day’s work for the personnel in the air ambulance industry. We take a look at a few of these in some detail.

Bird Strike Necessitates Emergency Air Ambulance Landing

The incident occurred while an air ambulance in the United Kingdom was carrying out a rescue mission. The medical flight was high up in the sky over East Midlands at the time. The model in question was AgustaWestland 109. It was hit by a bird midair shattering the windshield. The pilot immediately had to land the air ambulance. Thankfully, there were no casualties. In fact, apart from the broken windshield, the chopper suffered no damage. The pilot had the presence of mind to follow the safety protocol meant specifically for such an incident. Bird crashes are not a very frequent occurrence when it comes to air ambulance helicopters.

US Military Aircraft Destroys Air Ambulance Helipad in the UK

The US military aircraft, it seems, was on a training mission and had landed on the helipad of Cambridge Hospital. However, the take-off of the helicopter was so strong that it ripped off the structures surrounding the area. It is believed that the rotors of the helicopter had raised quite a force. It was revealed that efforts were on to rebuild the helipad. In the meantime, air ambulance services will be making use of a nearby helipad.

Canada Employs Air Ambulance Services to Fight COVID-19

Getting patients the right care within a short time can increase the chances of quick recovery. This is precisely what the national air ambulance service of Canada is now attempting. It is believed that the service has been called into action to fight the pandemic, which is gaining a strong foothold throughout the world.

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