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There was an air ambulance crash in Macon County, North Carolina, recently. Thankfully, there were no lives lost although the vehicle was severely damaged.
A few days ago, a Care Flight air ambulance crashed in Nevada, killing five people who were onboard. We take a brief look at this unfortunate incident.

Medical Flight Challenges Amid the COVID Situation

The evolving COVID situation around the world has necessitated better-designed containment units within a medical flight. We take a look.

How Air Ambulance Services Played a Crucial Role Amid Surging Pandemic in India

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in India resulted in a huge increase in demand for air ambulance services. We take a look.

COVID, Air Ambulance and Medical Bills

Medical insurance had been a source of confusion initially as the medical and air ambulance industry was faced with a surge of cases during the pandemic.

Air Ambulance Industry Witnesses High Demand in India

The Indian air ambulance industry has struggled with fulfilling the demand due to the rising COVID-19 pandemic. We take a look.

Air Ambulance News From Around the World

The air ambulance industry was witness to quite a few surprising developments lately. We take a look at some of those stories.

Air Ambulance Memberships amid the Possibility of a COVID Spike

Coronavirus cases are increasing around the world, and for rural America, air ambulance memberships are turning out to be a must. We take a look.

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