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Air Methods, which is one of the largest air ambulance service providers in the United States has filed for bankruptcy. We analyze what it means for the industry.
The residents in and around Mid and Northwest Wales in the seek action against air ambulance charity due their decision to close two bases.

Medical Flight Challenges Amid the COVID Situation

The evolving COVID situation around the world has necessitated better-designed containment units within a medical flight. We take a look.

How Air Ambulance Services Played a Crucial Role Amid Surging Pandemic in India

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in India resulted in a huge increase in demand for air ambulance services. We take a look.

COVID, Air Ambulance and Medical Bills

Medical insurance had been a source of confusion initially as the medical and air ambulance industry was faced with a surge of cases during the pandemic.

Air Ambulance Industry Witnesses High Demand in India

The Indian air ambulance industry has struggled with fulfilling the demand due to the rising COVID-19 pandemic. We take a look.

Air Ambulance News From Around the World

The air ambulance industry was witness to quite a few surprising developments lately. We take a look at some of those stories.

Air Ambulance Memberships amid the Possibility of a COVID Spike

Coronavirus cases are increasing around the world, and for rural America, air ambulance memberships are turning out to be a must. We take a look.

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