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Air Ambulances in the UK Celebrate National Air Ambulance Week


The Association of Air Ambulances (AAA) celebrated National Air Ambulance Week between 11th September and 17th September. In addition to this, the AAA also celebrated the 30th anniversary of medical helicopter services in the U.K. The first ever air ambulance helicopter began its operations in April 1987 in Cornwall.

Massive Improvements in Quality of Service During 30 Years

Since the first air ambulance helicopter started flying in the U.K. 30 years ago, several developments have been made to improve the quality of service provided. These life-saving services have made investments to expand their operations, upgrade to bigger aircrafts, extend their hours of operations, and enhance their medical capabilities.

Some of these improvements include carrying blood for emergency blood transfusions and using night vision technology to fly at night. During 2016, these air ambulances operated 39 helicopters and raised £162 million. They were able to fly an average of 20,500 flights every year.

Events Organized to Celebrate NAAW by Air Ambulances

Local charities, along with the air ambulance charities, organized several events and initiatives to celebrate National Air Ambulance Week 2017. The goal is to raise awareness about the valuable service provided by these emergency helicopter services and to generate funds that will help them in their operations.

They executed a social media campaign known as “Pie in the Sky”. For this initiative, members of the public had to post a video on social media where they’re taking a pie in the face. In the video, they also have to pledge a donation and then nominate three other people to take the same initiative.

As part of the NAAW celebrations, four air ambulance charities based in London and the eastern parts of England came together to raise awareness. Their efforts helped in raising awareness about the pre-hospital care they provide to patients in need.

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