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Air Ambulances Rescue 400 from Villainous Lair!


Yes, you heard it right but the only difference is that the rescue was conducted on a reel lair and not a real one. Plus, the 400 “victims” were more of tourists, who were basically having a great time in Switzerland. The visitors were having the time of their lives in Piz Gloria, which was once featured as the headquarters of the bad guys in a James Bond movie. Located almost 10,000 feet above the sea level, this resort is an experience in itself and people from all over the world visit it. That’s one of the reasons about 400 visitors were at the resort when air ambulances had to come and pick them up.

Here’s Why Air Ambulances became a Necessity

Owing to the many hilltop attractions in the Swiss mountains and the poor accessibility to them, air ambulances are always kept handy in the country to respond to any emergencies. This time around it was the glitch in the trolleys that ferry people to the mountain top. The glitch left all the guests stranded at the Schiltorn Mountain that hosts Piz Gloria resort. The rescue was swift and just took about two hours to complete.

The James Bond Movie Connection

Piz Gloria was part of the 1969 James Bond flick, ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’. The whole climax was shot on the top of this mountain. Today, tourists, especially Bond fans visit the place. The resort also has a rotating restaurant that offers a spectacular view of the serene snow capped surroundings. For these 400 tourists, the rescue was almost like a scene out of the Bond movies where air ambulances come to their rescue. It was all a part of the memorable experience for them. None of the tourists were really in danger throughout the episode – thanks to the quick action by the air ambulances.

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