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Alberta Mom has to Bear Double Medical Flight Costs


Amy Savill, originally from High Prairie, was having a great time vacationing in Ontario this summer with her family, when things suddenly started taking a turn. Amy, an expecting mom, went into labor two months prior to her actual due date. Her worried family wasted no time taking her to a local hospital in Timmins, but were told that the medical facility was not equipped to handle premature births of under 32 weeks. The family was forced to take Amy to Sudbury and were expecting a bill anywhere between $10,000 and $30,000.

The Initial Medical Flight Costs were Less than Expected

It was a welcome relief for Amy Savill when the medical flight bill arrived. Although the bill still ran into a few thousand dollars, Amy reported that it was still less than what she was expecting. She had initially hoped that either the Alberta or Ontario administrations would take care of the medical flight bill, only to be told later that she would have to fend for herself.

Support Poured in for Amy’s Medical Flight Plight

Ontario’s Council of Hospitals came out openly in support of Amy. Eric Newstadt who is a part of the Council said that she should not have been compelled to pay in the first place and no Canadian should. He opined that the medical flight bill was in clear violation of Canada Health Act that ensures portable healthcare within Canadian provinces.

Amy’s Medical Flight Woes are Not Done Yet

Amy is now faced with a new problem. She has to fly her infant girl back home to Alberta. The medical flight is going to cost her $55,000. An Ontario-based group by the name Global Angel has come forward to help Amy by collecting funds for the medical flight. So far, the group has been able to garner $15,000. The last few weeks have been full of anxiety for Amy and her family.

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