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Are Air Ambulance Services Truly Expensive Across the Board?


Thanks to the frequent articles that highlight exorbitantly high charges of air ambulance services, the general perception is that they are always expensive. Of course, the reports are not without truth but the case is not the same across regions and service providers. The fact was highlighted during the international air ambulance services week which is currently in play and will continue until September 14, 2021. The week is being celebrated not just in the United States but around the world. During this occasion, one of the medical flight companies revealed its average cost per service which comes to just about USD 600.

There are Several Affordable Air Ambulance Services in the United States

Take for instance a local air ambulance service in Oklahoma that serves a radius of about 60 miles. It is a full-service medical flight company that serves the locals round the clock. Yet the cost ranges roughly between USD 400 to 600 excluding the mileage. This, despite their air ambulance services not having any contract with insurance companies. Moreover, it is well-known that Medicare only pays for the distance to the nearest facility that is deemed appropriate for the ailment and this decision is taken by the experts belonging to the insurance company.

A Community Based Funding Mechanism is Ideal

Think of a small amount being paid to the local community or collected by the employer every month. This could just be a few dollars per person. This can amount to the group membership of air ambulance services. The result would be complete freedom from the worry of having to pay for such services. The amount that is not covered by the insurance companies will then be borne by the air ambulance company itself. With the resurgence of the pandemic in most parts of the United States, the idea does not seem bad at all.

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