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Amidst the financial strain faced by families like Sara England's with a $97,000 medical bill including the air ambulance charges, there is a pressing need for continued advocacy and reform within the healthcare system.
Amidst evolving policy landscapes and financial pressures, the future of the air ambulance industry remains uncertain. We highlight the importance of proactive measures for change.

Air Ambulances in UK Get £10 Million Funding from Department of Health and Social Care

The primary reason behind air ambulances being so affordable in the United Kingdom is their not-for-profit nature. Most of them run on charities supported...

Banking Fines of £1 Million to Fund Upgrade for Air Ambulance Service

Midlands Air Ambulance Charity will be receiving £1 million from banking fines. This will be able to help the air ambulance service in funding...

STARS Air Ambulance Service Moves Fastest Helicopter to Edmonton

In an effort to save money, STARS Air Ambulance service has moved their biggest and fastest helicopter to their Edmonton base. The helicopter was...

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